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Roof Tear Off & Disposal

Roof Tear Off

Roof Tear-Off & Disposal

Remove & Dispose of Shingles in a professional manner is arguably as important as the roof components themselves. One of the largest complaint categories in residential roofing is poor clean up property damage. A company who takes pride in their work will do everything they can to ensure that once the job is complete, it will look like they were never there - other than the new roof of course.

TIP: Speak to previous customers or research reviews on the Contractor you are considering to see if previous were happy with the state of their property once the job was finished.


Eaves & Rake Edge Metal

Eaves & Rake Edge Metal

Eaves & Rake Edge Metal

Eaves Edge Metal should extend beyond the fascia board roughly ¾ inch ensuring water and ice runoff drains into the gutters.

TIP: If shingle overhang is too short or guttering is too low, water will drip behind the gutters, leading to rotted roof sheathing and damaging other surfaces below i.e. driveway or foundation. The gutters may need replacing if this is occurs.


Roof Underlayments

Ice & WaterShield Roofing Underlayement

Ice & WaterShield

At heated edges, valleys and other areas, ice can build up causing interior damages.

Ice & WaterShield is a self-adhering underlayment designed to protect the most vulnerable areas of your home from leaks caused by ice and snow. This protective barrier is able to stretch and seal around nails driven through it. This "gasket" effect is your first line of defence. At roof edges and through valley sections.

TIP: Ensure your potential contractor is installing the recommended brand specific Ice & WaterShield or your material warranty may be void.

Roofing Underlayement - Full Roof Wrap

Full Roof Wrap

Roof Wrap is a synthetic underlayment that can be used beneath the shingles. It is highly recommended on sloped roofs below 8/12 and required for most premium shingle warranties. Wrapping your entire roof assures you have the right protection against wind driven rain and moisture build-up to the roof deck.

TIP: Assure your potential contractor is installing the recommended brand specific Roof Wrap or your material warranty may be void.


Starter Strip Shingles

Roofing Starter Strip Shingles

Starter Strip Shingles

At the eaves and rake edges

A starter strip installed under the first shingle course at the roof edge increases shingle strength, preventing damage due to wind and wind-driven rain. Adhesive strips bond the starter and first course together, preventing separation. Installing proper starter strips with specified hip and ridge caps will increase your wind warranty with most manufacturers.

TIP: Many roofers will install the under-mat of a shingle (contains no adhesive) to speed up install time and save money. Ensure your contractor installs manufacturer recommended starter strips for upgraded wind warranties.


Roof Valleys

Closed Roof Valleys

Closed Valleys

Installed at inside adjoining roof slopes

Closed Valleys start with a row of ice and water shield to serve as a liner in the valley. Shingles are then installed on the lower adjoining roof slope, overlapping the valley. Next, shingles are installed on the higher slope through the valley line. Finally, the shingles on the higher slope are cut by following a chalk line 2" off center.

TIP: Both Closed and Open Metal Valleys are accepted by shingle manufacturers. In general, most people prefer the look of a Closed Valley.

Metal Roof Valleys

Metal Valleys

Installed at interior adjoining roof slopes

Metal Valleys start with a row of Ice & WaterShield membrane applied to the roof deck to serve as a liner. Next, metal valley flashings are installed in the valley. Finally, shingles are installed over the valley flashing with the center valley line remaining uncovered by the shingles. The exposed metal should gradually widen to handle the increased capacity at the lower edge of the roof.

TIP: A key components for a Metal Valley is to include Starter Strip shingles so that the exposed shingles can bond together assuring a watertight installation and prevent shingle blow-offs.


Pipe Jacks

Roof Pipe Jacks

Pipe Jacks

A boot and flange fitting surrounds the PVC pipe

Pipe Jacks all-flash, no-caulk flashing, is designed to allow water to make its way around the base of the PVC pipe protruding out of the roof. The purpose of the sewer pipe is to release gases.

TIP: It is very important the contractor lists a specific size and roof slope fitting. For example, a Low-Rise Pipe Jack installed on a steep rise roof will crack and cause leaks as force is applied to install an incorrect fitting (use Steep-Rise Pipe Jacks for steeper sloped roofs only).


Exhaust Vents

Roof Exhaust Vents

Exhaust Vents

Venting the moisture out the roof from your bath, kitchen or laundry room

Exhaust Vents connect to the duct running through the attic from your bath fan to exhaust moisture. The "Maximum CT-4 Vent" includes a 4 inch coupler designed to fit common bathroom fans. Also available in 6 inch is the "Maximum CT-6 Vent" for laundry or kitchen range hoods.

TIP: It is very important a conventional box vent is not installed since it does not include a coupler attachment, venting the moisture directly into the attic, causing mould.


Roof Vents

Roof Cover Vent

Cover Vent

For proper air circulation choose one type of vent system

Cover vent holes that are part of a different or former venting arrangement. It's best to cover these vent holes with a similar deck material. Sheet metal is not an acceptable material for covering vent holes.

TIP: Multiple vent types vent air at different rates and will decrease the efficiency by short circuiting the system. This can cause moisture build-up, mould, ice damming, wood damage and an increase in ENERGY costs.

Roof Slant Vent

Slant Vent

The #1 conventional vent - Metal Slant Vent

Slant vent is designed to prevent ice build-up, clogging, and animal entry. The heavy duty unit will not warp like other plastic vents on the market, thus not allowing the elements to enter the attic and it's 3-sided louver will improve attic exhaust.

TIP: Attic vents are relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of the overall roof. The steel Slant Vent is only a fraction more than the cheaper plastic turtle-type vent. It is very common for wildlife to enter your attic through plastic vents.

Roof Ridge Vent

Ridge Vent

A low profile venting option with benefits

Ridge vent installs on the peak of the roof and allows attic air to exhaust along the roofline from end-to-end. With a "lip and baffle" type system, ridge venting can provide maximum airflow evenly throughout the entire attic space.

TIP: Mixing vent types will short circuit the system potentially causing damages and high ENERGY costs. Install the best quality filtered Ridge Vent using a certified roofing specialist.

Roof Maximum Vent

Maximum Vent

Replace those Turbine vents with Maximum Vents

Maximum vent relies on the "Stack" or "Chimney" effect to draw stale air and moisture out of your attic. Maximum Vent has a much higher venting capacity per unit compared to conventional attic vents. It's heavy duty steel design with wire mesh will prevent infiltrations of unwanted rodents and birds.

TIP: Roofing cement must be applied to the underside of the steel flange leading onto the shingled roof, or the Max Vent will have a reverse type effect and short circuit the system.



Roof Flashings


Replacing metal Flashings is a critical element of your new roof

Flashings are placed at transitions that protrude from the roof to deflect water from seams or joints, i.e. garage or chimney. Metal wall Flashings consist of Apron (L-shape), Counter (sawtooth design), and Step, which lead up the transition and onto the roof (the image here).

TIP: The property owner and the contractor state "the Flashings are in like-new condition, why replace them?". The caulking is 10+ years and the existing Step Flashings contain nail penetrations. If not replaced, it will leak.


Hip & Ridge Cap Shingles

Hip & Ridge Cap Shingles

Hip & Ridge Cap Shingles

The final cap shingle installed at the hip and ridgelines

Hip & Ridge Cap Shingles will not only enhance the beauty of your new roof system. They are also required for most manufacturer's warranties. Using Hip & Ridge Cap Shingles will also increase your winde rated warranty with most manufacturers as hip and ridgelines are the roof's most vulnerable area for high winds tearing off the new shingles.

TIP: For a stylish finishing touch to hips and ridges make sure your potential contractor lists they will provide the recommended Hip & Ridge Cap Shingles.


Low Slope Roofing

Peel & Stick Low Slope Roofing

Peel & Stick Low Slope Roofing

Protect your roof without torches or open flames

Peel & Stick Low Slope Roofing is a cold-applied modified bitumen roofing system which has been proven in the field for decades and is ideal for residential applications versus open flames or hot tar.

TIP: Any roof slope less than a 2/12 pitch must have a low slope membrane installed. Also, if you have a shingled roof with a low slope area or snowbox (area where an obstruction interferes with downward water flow), your potential contractor should list this application on your estimate. If not, it will likely leak.


Skylights & Sun Tunnels

Skylights & Sun Tunnels

Skylights & Sun Tunnels

Add light. Add value. Install a new Skylight or Sun Tunnel with a certified contractor

Skylights & Sun Tunnels: have the ability give any room or space in your home an uplifting appeal with natural sun light.

TIP: It's important you select a certified installer from VELUX. Whether you are simply shingling around, reflashing the existing skylight, or replacing it with a new one, a trained specialist will ensure a watertight installation.


Attic Insulation

Roof Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation

Topping up your Attic Insulation has immediate returns on your investment

Attic Insulation is a common factor for roofs failing prematurely. A poorly balanced roofing system and lack of adequate insulation mean increased energy costs. Topping up insulation to a higher R value and adding Baffle Vents for improved air intake will improve attic circulation. Insulate the Attic Hatch and any ductwork for a weathertight environment.

TIP: New building code requires roughly 17 inches of attic insulation (R50 value). Typical homes over 10 years will have only 8-10 inches of Insulation. Attic improvements and adding Insulation can be performed through the roof at the time of shingle replacement.

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