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Why Should I Have a Roofing Contractor Install my Outdoor Christmas Lights?

With Christmas right around the corner, it is time to put up those Christmas lights, stockings, and Christmas trees. Decorating your front yard with the perfect Christmas ensemble takes a lot of hard work, money, and creativity. You might be tempted to take on the challenge of putting up your Christmas lights all by yourself.

However, with all the electrical and outdoor lighting technicalities, it is best to hire a roofing contractor to turn your house into a winter wonderland. Here are a few reasons why your roofing contractor is the best choice for installing your outdoor Christmas lights:

  1. Electrical Safety
  2. Safety always comes first. Christmas lights, no matter how “eco-friendly” they claim to be, will consume more electrical energy than your family normally uses throughout the year. Overloaded circuits, bad wiring, and insufficient grounding can happen when the light installation is poorly done. This can lead to fires and damage to your property. This is why an experienced contractor can be helpful in the electrical aspect of installation.
  3. Construction Safety
  4. You may want the Christmas lights to be placed above and around the roof, on top of a tall post, and other hard-to-reach places. It is quite easy to have a major accident when trying to install lights yourself. A roofing contractor has more experience with safety precautions than the average homeowner when dealing with this type of task atop a roof. In case of an accident, the contractor also has insurance to protect him.
  5. We Provide the Lights
  6. A roofing company like Titans Roofworks will bring the lights to you! Our Christmas lights are available in either traditional large C9 incandescent bulb lighting or energy efficient LED bulb lighting. You can also choose from clear or multicoloured lighting, or a mix of clear bulbs and green, red, or blue. We will take care of yearly maintenance of your lighting so there are no burnt-out bulbs to replace.
  7. Paperwork
  8. Installing Christmas lights may require insurance, business licenses and permits from your homeowners association if you have one. These things will be dealt with by your hired roof contractor who has years of experience in installing holiday lighting.
  9. More Elaborate Designs
  10. Roofing contractors have more experience in putting up Christmas lights. They know what is possible and consider the limitations of your roof, intricacies of your electrical outlets, and aesthetic preferences. They can be innovative enough to put your Christmas lights on automatic switches or other light-saving tools. They also have the right equipment and specialized tools like extension cords, hooks, and clamps to make these things possible. This does not only save you the trip from going to and from the hardware store but also climbing up and down your roof.
  11. We Take Them Down, Too!
  12. By hiring a roofing contractor, taking down the Christmas lights will not be your problem. When the cold month of January comes around, your roofing contractor can remove all of your holiday lights. In addition, post-installation inspection can be done on your roof to ensure that nothing’s left behind. We can even store your lights for you until the next season!

Contact Titans RoofWorks for all of your holiday lighting needs. From installation to removal, you can trust our roofing contractors to make your home sparkle with Christmas lights.

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