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Shingle Repair Services

Did the recent windstorm wreak havoc on your roof?


Are you worried the rain is coming and you need repairs now? Inquire about our Rush Service Fee. Our highly trained and honest technicians will only recommend what needs to be done and all work will include before, during, and after photos for your satisfaction.

logo-partner-shinglemaster-bigEmergency roof repairs may be covered by your insurance company depending on the circumstances. Titans response teams fix your roof and can even increase the chances of a positive response to your insurance claim. Waiting for a claim to open or the delay in another roofer’s arrival is too stressful.

We carefully choose our manufacturers as poor materials could reflect on Titans. We roof it once and roof it right.

Call now and let Titans help with a timely shingle repair, or a temporary tarp solution for larger areas that have blown off. You’ll feel confident that Titans is the right company for you. Our highly trained staff will help you gain knowledge of the trade.

We charge the industry rate for missing shingles and perform a roof inspection while on site. Our customer service is what separates us from the competition. Rates may vary on site due to steep slope and roof difficulty.

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