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Swap Your Vents Event!

The wind driving rainstorms have Milton homeowners raving about their builder not warranting their home as they have passed the 2 year period.

April 10th, 2013 brought many inches of downpour entering the attic through roof vents causing:

  • Interior damage to ceilings in multiple rooms
  • Damp/soaked attic insulation leading to possible mold
  • Floors and door/window trims to buckle or crack

What’s more than the damage is the inconvenience and stress along with the worry of their family’s health. Titans RoofWorks received an outstanding 112 related situations and counting, we have, and are acting immediately and felt the need to alert our Milton neighbours.

Leaky Vents Due to Poor Workmanship & Design…

bad_vent vent_price

Service Includes:

  • Removal and disposal of existing attic vent(s)
  • Removal and disposal of existing shingle work around vent(s) (if required for proper installation)
  • Removal of existing strap tie down supports at ridge peak (builder left behind)
  • Install Lomanco Slant Attic Vent(s)
  • Install Traditional 3-Tab Shingles applied to closet colour match and manufacturer
  • Full Roof Maintenance/Inspection which includes new caulk seals to all attic vents, plumbing flanges and other roof protrusions.
  • An assessment of the remaining lifespan to the current roof conditions

Enter this Link to your Smart phone or PC to follow the YouTube link below that will demonstrate how this particular vent holds together against strong winds. But incorporate high wind with rain and get a better understanding of how water may penetrate upward through a low grade builder shingle or warped plastic roof vents and seep through miss nailed targets.

Contact Titans now to schedule your inspection and Swap Your Vents with our prompt and skilled technicians.

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