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One of our basic needs is to have a roof over our head. For this reason, you’ll want a good roofing contractor to construct or refinish a high-quality roof for your home. This can be tricky business since there are a number of roofing contractors and builders out there to choose from. Before hiring a roofing contractor, you should ask these five questions:

1. Do you have a roofing contractor license?
A roofing contractor license shows the legal operations and qualifications of a roofer. Every city or province has a different licensing requirement. Some license processes require an exam to measure the capability and capacity of a roofing contractor while some require only a payment. Note that the roofing contractor license is different from a business license as the latter just gives the identities and tax purposes of a certain company.

2. Do you have insurance? What does it cover?
Accidents are unforeseen events that may happen on the job. On a task like roofing and house renovations, these accidents may occur more frequent than on other jobs. With proper insurance, any injury incurred on the job will not be your liability as the homeowner. All the medical bills and costs that go with the accident will be covered by the contractor’s insurance. More importantly, this will also be helpful to the contractors themselves. In case they have no workers’ insurance and your insurance will not cover the certain type of accident they had, they will not be pushed to cover the costs themselves.

3. How long is the warranty for your work?
Most roofing repair companies guarantee one whole year for their work but some roofing contractors offer more. These warranties may either cover the purchase of new materials through the manufacturer or the repair itself through the roofer’s labor. Straighten this out as early as possible. It is also important to know your contractor’s history in the roofing business. Make sure that your roofer plans to stay in business for at least the same length of time as the warranty offered.

4. Will you be hiring subcontractors and laborers?
Some roofing contractors use subcontractors and laborers on a daily basis. This should be asked before you hire your contractor. Some subcontractors play a part in the warranty of your roof. They can also be contacted regarding said warranty in the event that your primary roofing contractor cannot. You should also inquire about who will be doing the actual labour on your roofing project and if they are covered by the roofing company’s insurance policy.

5. What are your references?
Most companies now have an online presence that shows off their previous roofing projects. If testimonials, reviews or photos are not available online, you can ask your roofing contractor if you can contact a few of their past customers to ask about their work. You can also ask for a portfolio of their past projects. Seeing a portfolio before you hire them ensures you that the roofing contractor you have chosen is serious about high-quality roofing projects.
Titans Roof Works can answer any questions you might have about our roofing process and our licensed roofing contractors. Contact us today for a free quote.

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