Flat Roof Replacement

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Flat Roof Replacement   If you are looking for an established and experienced roofing company for your “Flat Roof Replacement” project, then you have found the right place!  At Titans we have been replacing Canadian flat roofs for years, and know the ins and outs of any flat roof replacement. Modern install procedures are affordable, and reflect… Read more »

Attic Upgrades

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Attic Upgrades   If you are seeking to improve insulation of your home, a great place to start is “Attic Upgrades”.  Attic Upgrades provide a number of benefits for homeowners. First and foremost a poorly balanced attic roofing system is the leading cause of premature roof failure.  By upgrading your attic you can prevent the depreciation… Read more »

Leaky Roof Repair

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Leaky Roof Repair   If you are suffering from a leaky roof, it is vital to contact a professional roofing company with experience providing “Leaky Roof Repair” services. We diagnose water penetration. Studying the travel of water seepage is our mission. We are not out to sell you a new roof, we inspect and repair damages to… Read more »